Nachhaltigkeit, Regionlität und gesunde Ernährung im Familienhotel Lagant in Brand, Österreich

Climate-neutral overnight stay in the fam Hotels

Sustainability and regionality on holiday

fam sustainable

At fam Hotels, sustainable aspects play a weighty role in all our steps and decisions. First and foremost, we want to offer you a sustainable and unforgettable family holiday. But we also save a lot of money - water, energy, waste and car journeys. For the sake of the environment.

For many years, we have been intensively committed to climate protection, biodiversity, regionality, resource conservation and social interaction. As a founding member of "turn to zero" (formerly Climate Neutrality Alliance 2025), we are proud that you can stay in our hotel climate neutrally since 2021.

Measures to avoid / reduce energy and resources

  • Conversion to LED lighting throughout the house
  • Purchase of green electricity
  • Ski bus in winter for less individual traffic
  • Recycled paper with Blue Angel or PEFC certification for printed matter
  • Waste separation
  • Avoidance of individual packaging at the buffet
  • Mainly regional food / member of AMA Genussregion
  • Choose ecological alternatives for new purchases


Climate protection projects

We offset unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions. We support a mix of European and international climate protection projects. These are high-quality and certified climate protection projects from turn to zero that create real added value for people and the climate. By purchasing directly from the project operators, turn to zero guarantees the highest level of transparency. Details on the climate protection projects.

fam regional

Hotel Mateera and Hotel Lagant are part of the AMA Genussregion Vorarlberg. This guarantees that the dishes in the restaurants are prepared with mainly regional raw materials from the Montafon, Vorarlberg and Austria. As part of the Genussregion, we support Vorarlberg's value creation through the regional sourcing of basic products and services and secure direct and downstream jobs in the region.

The following products are sourced depending on seasonal availability | excerpt:

  • Beef and chicken - from Austrian agriculture 
  • Milk and dairy products with AMA seal of quality - from Vorarlberg / Vorarlberg Milch, Feldkirch
  • Alpine butter (seasonal) - Alpe Vergalden, Gargellen
  • Fresh eggs from barn farming - from Vorarlberg / Sennhof, Rankweil
  • Potatoes - Austrian farming / Gerold Raggl, Roppen / Fruchtexpress, Frastanz
  • Salads, vegetables, apples (seasonal) - from Austria + Lake Constance region / Fruchtexpress, Frastanz
  • Montafoner Sura Kees (seasonal) - Alpe Vergalden, Gargellen
  • Vorarlberger Bergkäse - Vorarlberg Milch, Feldkirch

Conscious Montafon

From the Sura Kees to the Montafon Stone Sheep

The bewusstmontafon association is committed to preserving the distinctive Montafon cultural landscape and its culinary delights. Raising awareness among locals and guests, cooperation between tourism and agriculture, the promotion of regional handicrafts or the cultivation of the endangered Montafon stone sheep breed are the main concerns of the energetic association. The region's culinary flagship product "Sura Kees" has a special significance.

As a member of the bewusstmontafon association, the Mateera family hotel supports these concerns. With a clear commitment to promoting Montafon specialities, we focus on quality and sustainability and enable our guests to experience the region with all their senses. 

More information about the association bewusstmontafon .

fam vital

Mum says, from now on, we'll do something good for ourselves every day, for all of us.

fam Vital is based on the 3 pillars of nutrition, exercise and relaxation and is lived out in the fam family hotels as an exciting mix of theoretical knowledge and practical application.

5 a day / varied vitality dishes / daily salad buffet / variety of sporting activities / making a nutrition pyramid / family hike / family Kneipp / yoga week / daily apple basket / best, regional ingredients / fresh fruit and juices in childcare / healthy drinks, and much more.